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Saturday, January 16, 2010


With the arrival of 2010, new challenges have entered my life.

Meanwhile, my adventures continue on the road. One thing I can always count on is for the strange folks (I call them 'Bill's people') to find me. After delivering a car the other day, I stood at a city bus stop in Orlando. A woman crossed the street and came up to me, she threw her hands up in the air to cheer, and had more hair in her armpits that any man I've ever seen.

'Hurray!' she shouted, 'I made it to the bus stop. You look like a nice guy, can I ask you a question?'


'Who are you voting for this year for President?'

I didn't dare correct her and remind her that the election took place just over a year ago.
Since this was obviously a loaded question, I told her that I had not decided just yet.

'Well, I have. I'm voting for Obama.'

She turned her head 90 degrees, and spoke in a deeper voice. 'McCain!'

Her head turned back, and she shouted 'Obama!'

This went on, with her turning her head as if she was two different people, arguing with herself. 'McCain!'




'Shut up!'

'You shut up!'




When she finally stopped arguing amongst herself, she turned to me demurely and said, 'I'm a little bit schizo. Do you know what that is?'

'Yes. Yes I do.'

Wherever I go, they always find me.

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