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I feel the wanderlust and the call of the open highway. Which is good, because I drive cars for a living. But I'm a writer, and someday hope to once again make my living using my writing skills.

Thursday, May 30, 2013


As I was driving north on I-75 in Florida, I saw a billboard just south of Lake City that said STOP OBAMA 2012.  Now I assume it was put up before the election as a campaign tool, but it has been many months since Mr. Obama was re-elected, so I started to wonder about it still being there.

I was raised on the principle that you never discuss politics and religion.  I watch on Facebook as people proudly state their political views, and then dozens of other people get agitated and serious arguments begin.  So I will keep my own personal leanings to myself.  But I would like to say that there is a division in our country that really worries me.  Democrats vs. Republicans.  Hard line conservatives vs. bleeding heart liberals.  I hear Rush Limbaugh on one station spouting his rhetoric, and some "progressive" talk show hosts on other stations lambasting Republicans.

I drive all over the USA, and I see a lot of things and a lot of different people.  The differences and diversity are what make America great, in my humble opinion.  Why all of the anger and hostility?  Why all the divisiveness?  This is a great country founded on good, solid principles.  We have a good constitution with rules to live by, and for the most part they have all served us well for over 200 years.

So why are so many people angry at our President?  And how come I overhear a person criticizing Obama, followed quickly by another person screaming that they must be a racist?  The issues are deeper and much more complicated than that.  In fact, that shouldn't even really be an issue.  Too much time seems to be spent on people's personal gut feelings and not on the problems of the world.  Most important, it would seem, is our economy, and something has to be done fast or it may just be too late.

I also hear each day on the radio about how the President wants to pass this or that, and that Congress blocks him every step of the way.  Now in each case, whether Obama is right or the Congress is right, stonewalling on either side is just completely counter-productive.  Nothing will get done that way, and now more than ever we need things to get done.  Progress.  Moving forward.  Looking ahead.  Go, baby, go!

Is Obama care the answer to the health insurance issues in our country?  Do people need to be told what Doctor's they can see, or what procedures they may or may not have?  Should the IRS be allowed to be the enforcer for Obama care, especially in light of recent events?  I don't have any answers here, but I do know we all need to be focused on finding answers, not endlessly debating the questions.

I'm just one man.  I have my opinions, but that's all they are... opinions.  One thing I know for sure is that action must be taken.  Something must be done.  We need serious leadership, and we need to let all of our representatives know that they work for us.  We put them in office, they must fight for what we need or else they can be replaced.  I love this country, I see so much of it each year.  I love the big cities, but I also love the backwoods country roads.

When I saw the billboard that said STOP OBAMA my heart sunk a little bit.  Not because I like or dislike him as President, but because I just felt a deep sense of regret that we are not as united as we could be as a nation.  Can't we all work harder to try and get along and make some progress?  Just my thoughts, take it or leave it.  But this is one driving fool who still proudly salutes the flag and says God Bless America.

Sunday, May 19, 2013


I was having a really bad day on Mother's Day this year.  I had been stopped by a cop because the car I was driving resembled one they were searching for.  My boss Riff had been extra-specially abusive to me on the phone that morning.  I was about to deliver to a rude customer, who sounded as if they were going to be a challenge at minimum.  I needed to hear a friendly voice, but had called Karen and Lisa and could not reach either one of them.  Also called some other friends, but no luck.

The root of my feeling down probably had to do with the loss of my Mom.  She and my brother died ten years ago while driving when a very drunk driver slammed into them.  I still think that I'm not over it, and don't know if I ever will be.

I decided to cheer myself up by finding a place to eat here in Topeka, KS.  There was a chicken place that looked similar to Boston Market, so I drove in and parked.  I walked in and saw some people lingering a little bit away from the counter.  It was an older man and two kids, and they seemed to be in no hurry.  I slowly stepped around them and walked up to the counter.

Halfway through giving my order, I heard, "Hey.  Hey you!"  I turned to see it was the man with two kids, and he looked really pissed.

I smiled and nodded.  "I'll be done in about five seconds, then its your turn."

"It's my turn right now, and you're taking it."

"I am?"

"You are, and you know you are you mofo."

"Did I cut in line in front of you?  I sure didn't mean to."

"Shoulda, woulda, coulda... you are a line jumper, and you need to be punished."

I felt badly.  "Why don't you go ahead and order for your family, and I'll finish up after you're done."

He looked at the kids.  "Who says this is my family?"

"Well I... forgive me, I assumed."

"Yeah, you assumed, and you keep right on offending me, you mother."

I held up my hands.  "This is a misunderstanding.  Go ahead and order, please.  I certainly didn't mean any harm."

"But harm you caused.  The damage is done, letting me cut in front of you won't fix it.  Besides, I ain't a line jumper like you."

"I am truly, genuinely, sincerely sorry, and I hope you can accept my apology.  In the spirit of Mother's Day and goodwill?"

"Oh damn, just like you mentioning Mother's Day when my children lost their Mother.  How do you feel about that?"

I looked at him gravely.  "I lost my Mom, too."

"You think I care about that you motherducker?"

I scratched my head.  "Did you just say motherducker?"

"You know I did.  And you know what I meant by it.  Just trying to protect the virgin ears of my children."

There was nothing more I could say.  Continued attempts at conversation were only making things worse.  So I cut my losses and went to the car, guessing I'd find another place to eat just down the road a piece.  I was feeling low, and didn't need this man and his attitude to bring me down further.  But I did say a little prayer for him as I drove away.