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Saturday, May 8, 2010


I am busy at the computer typing more of more life experiences into scripted pieces. Working hard to develop a "Bible for the TV series of A DRIVING FOOL. It seems that Bill Thomas is growing on people.

A little while ago, I was listening to George Strait on my boom box and banging the computer keyboard.
There was a rapid knocking at my front door.
It kept on and on, and I had to put my shirt on and run for the door.
Guessed it must be urgent.

I threw open the front door, and an extremely large fat woman
said, "Hey, do you know where Lydia is?"


"Yeah, Lydia, do you know where she is?"

"No, I --"

"You look like you don't know what I'm talking about.
Lydia? My best friend in the world? Do you know if she
is at home, and if not where she is and what she's doing?"

"I don't know Lydia."

"How can you not? Everyone knows Lydia. She's a wonderful human being."

"I'm sure she is."

"She lives in this apartment complex. Or at least she
used to. I've got to find her, I've just got to."

"I'm sure you will."

"But you don't understand, I've been looking for her 3 years." Then she began to tear up, about to begin sobbing. "I can see that I've bothered you enough. Good day to you."

And with that, she marched off purposefully.

I don't even have to go out on the road to find the Crazies
anymore, they are coming to my front door.

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