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Tuesday, November 25, 2014


My friend Julie likes to text a lot.  And it always brightens my day to hear from her.  She has three great kids, and a husband who I liken to a bad ass superhero.  She had been texting me on my way to pick up a car just outside of Kansas City.

It was the day before Thanksgiving, and I knew it was going to be another lonely holiday for me on the road.  I stopped one block from the pickup address to use the restroom.  While I was taking a brief rest, I texted Julie back about the car I was about to get and the customer who kept on texting me instructions.  She ended each text by signing her name-- Barbie.

It made me chuckle a bit, so I wrote to Julie that my customer's name was Barbie, and I wondered if she lived in Barbie's dream house.  And I also wondered if her husband was named Ken.  Then I sent the text to Julie.  Only I realized a second later that I'd accidentally sent it to Barbie.  A cold chill ran up my spine, and I knew I was in deep doo-doo.  Oh my goodness, this woman would be furious with me.

I walked the last block to Barbie's address, and she came out the front door all smiles.  "Hello Bill, I'm Barbie.  Welcome to my dream house."

I dropped my head in shame.  I tried hard to say something, but no words would come.

Barbie pointed at a classic Dodge Charger sitting out in the front yard.  "See that car?  It's a 1975 Dodge Charger.  It's a classic, in pristine condition.  It belongs to my husband, Ken."

I shook my head.  "Miss, I am so, so sorry."

She nodded.  "For what?  My husband's name really is Ken."

"Oh."  I was a bit taken aback.  "I was trying to text someone else."

"Yes, I gathered that."

"But I never should have said that.  I never should have texted it.  I am so embarrassed and ashamed right now."

She passed it off with a wave of her hand.  "No reason to apologize.  I have a good sense of humor.  And with a name like Barbie, I've heard it all before."

"It was very unprofessional of me."

"Don't be too hard on yourself."  She stepped up to me and took my clipboard with her paperwork.  "Is this for me?"

"Uh, yes ma'am, if you can just sign on the bottom line."

 She did so then handed it back to me, along with the keys to the minivan I was there to pick up.  "I am a good Christian woman, and part of that means I always find forgiveness.  But a word of advice?  Be more careful what you text and who you text it to in the future."

I nodded enthusiastically.  "Yes, of course, I absolutely will."

"Good enough.  Have a wonderful day, and God bless."

"God bless you too, ma'am."

She winked at me.  "Just call me Barbie."

Now I really had something to be thankful for on Thanksgiving.  As I drove out of there, I turned to the Guardian angel who I always imagine sitting next to me in the passenger seat and said  "Thanks for getting me out of that one.  Whew!"

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