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Sunday, March 17, 2013


I learned a lesson about meeting Facebook fans of my blogs over a year ago.  I was invited to stay with a woman and her family, in a trailer infested in dog droppings, rat droppings, and insects everywhere.  The woman didn't understand my trepidation, she just kept telling me  "You get used to it."

Well, a close friend of mine named Melissa introduced me to her friend Trixie in Lubbock, Texas on a long distance phone call.  Trixie and I stayed in touch via Facebook, and things began to heat up between us.  Next thing you know, she is asking me to come and stay with her, and before you know it, I did just that.

To say that Trixie was the best hostess in the world would be severe understatement.  She had asked me in advance what my favorite foods were, and she prepared them all for me while I was there.  Trixie was extremely affectionate and constantly complimentary.  I enjoyed her company immensely and tried to flatter her as much as possible, but she seemed intent only on praising me.  I felt like I was getting buttered up, but I have to admit that I enjoyed every second of it.

The second night I was there, after a delicious prime rib dinner and a lot of wine, we went out onto her porch and held hands.  We were on the porch swing, enjoying the night breeze there in the Texas panhandle.  And then Trixie leaned over and kissed me rather aggressively.  I was taken a bit by surprise, only because I have never been with a woman who was so comfortable with being so forward.  Well heck, it was sure a happy surprise, and I just rolled with it.

One thing led to another, and before you know it I was not sleeping in her guest room any longer.  In fact, that same night on the porch led to all kinds of other things.  A gentleman doesn't kiss and tell, but I can say that Trixie was absolutely insatiable with her passions.  It was like she could not get enough canoodling, and I found myself feeling like the king of the world.

The third day I was there, Trixie told me that she had fallen deeply in love with me.  And she wondered if I would think it too forward of her to ask me to marry her.  I was dumbfounded, primarily because I had spent two days with her and felt I barely knew her.  Please don't misunderstand, I liked what I DID know about her, but I've never been proposed to before.  And Trixie had a lot of plans that seriously overwhelmed me.  For instance, she wanted me to quit my driving job right away and move in with her.  She said she would support me, and then she'd get me a job working for her company.  She even offered to get me a new car, something economical.  Did I mention that Trixie is a woman of means?

I waited a day to respond, but had to say I thought it was too soon to move forward with such a serious commitment.  She began to cry and ran out of the room, and I felt very guilty.   I do not like to make a woman cry, and certainly didn't intend to.  She had treated me great, cooking for me, waiting on me, teaching me some new tricks, all kinds of fun stuff.  The last thing I wanted to do was let her down.  Correction, the last thing I want to do is marry a woman that I am just getting acquainted with.  And I'm still kind of hung up on my old girlfriend Karen (who loves women).

Before I left the next day, Trixie came up to me and gave me a hug and a peck on the cheek.  She said that she was wrong to push me into something before I was ready.  Then Trixie apologized to me, and asked if we could please still see each other if she promised to slow down.  I said Sure, why not?

I guess maybe the title of this blog isn't entirely accurate.  I call it HOW TO PLEASE A WOMAN, when this is a tale of how a woman went so far out of her way to please me in every way.   And yet Trixie seemed to derive true joy and pure pleasure from satisfying me, and so I guess I did please her.  The huge smile on her face as I pulled out of her driveway spoke volumes.

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