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Friday, November 26, 2010


I spend a lot of time alone as I drive across this great country. And once each day, I say a little prayer as I drive to thank God for all of the things that I have. I feel that God understands that I don't close my eyes when I pray behind the wheel.

Now on Thanksgiving Day, I am thinking of all the many things I have to be thankful for.
Like the fact that I have a job in this economy, even if it is not the job that I really wish for. And that I keep on moving down the road, never staying in one place for too long.

I am especially grateful for all of my friends throughout the USA, who are kind enough to invite me into their homes and give me shelter for the night. There's Lisa who is my protector, Steve my best friend from High School, Pastor Rex who took me in when I was very ill, JC who is a human firecracker (pop, pop, pop!), Smokey my ex-rocker stoner friend who has been like a big brother to me, Frank in Birmingham, Ginny my ex-landlady, Tom and Jenny on the dog ranch in Texas, and Karen the love of my life in Indianapolis. And this only begins to scratch the surface.

Also, I feel thankful for all of the beautiful places I have been so blessed to see. From Maine to California, from Seattle to Miami, I have run back and forth across this great nation too many times to count. As much as I travel on the Interstate Highways, I often find myself taking smaller old highways so I can see what is off the beaten path. Wonderful and fascinating things have come my way, and I love every single minute of it.

I'm even appreciative of "Bill's people," the odd folks who seem to be attracted to me like a magnet wherever I go. Someone once told me that we all pass these strange people everyday, but most just walk on by them and pay no attention. The difference is that I engage them, and in doing so often become enlightened or learn new weird facts. Thank goodness that it always gives me good stuff to write about in my blogs.

My gratitude runs deep for all of the truly great human beings that I meet on my journeys, and that I feel somehow compelled to reach out to them and offer help when needed. In turn, I have often been helped by other people as well, and it warms my heart to know that there are others out there who genuinely care.

As most Americans sit and eat a big turkey dinner today, I will be driving cars and delivering them to eager customers. It's the life of a thankful driving fool.

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